5 Must-Have Mechanic Tools For DIY Woodworking Project

There numerous ways to turn yourself into an artist, one of them is start doing DIY woodworking projects, there is an ideal and a little creativity, your piece of wood can be a masterpiece. However, whatever you do your projects just to satisfy your passion  for wooden crafts or you are working as a craftsman and making your products to sell, the 5 must-have mechanic tools for DIY woodworking projects below are what you need to help your work done efficiently.


band saw for wood workingA band saw is system that consists of different parts but can be understood by this short description: the frame is the structure that supports the whole system. The table works as where to support stock. Long sharp blades made of steel and have teeth on one edge.

Plus, there are two wheels responsible for certain task, upper wheel helps to tension and track of the bandsaw blade while lower wheel helps to power the wheel and is connected to the motor by a pulley system  and these wheels are rotated in the same plane.

Another important part is fence which works as supporting when ripping and provides more accurate cutting.

What is bandsaw used for?

The band saw is a great tool to be used in woodworking and the main task of bandsaw is cutting, but it can perform more perfectly than doing by handsaws, which means it provides a uniform cutting action due to the evenly distributed tooth load and helps the woodworker cut irregular or curved shapes. That’s why it becomes a necessary tool in woodworkshops.

Cordless Hammer Drill

cordless hammer drill

Having a hammer drill is necessary when you do DIY woodworking projects. There are two types of mechanic hammer drill, cord and cordless ones. Also, either cord or cordless hammer drill performs the same tasks, which means to drill holes and drive screws on hard surfaces with an astonishing speed and ease.

However, using a cordless hammer drill seems to be more handy because it runs on batteries, allowing you to use wherever you don’t have electricity nearby.

Dust collector

dust collector

Dust-related respiratory diseases are the common health problems when working at places like woodworking shops. Because dust, debris and sawdust are those unavoidable, having a dust collector in your workshop becomes necessary as the way to keep your environment clean.

As the name called, dust collectors are used to collect dust and filter the air through a system of various parts resulting in keeping a clean environment. There are a variety of dust collectors out there, therefore, the type of dust collector ought to depend on how large of your workshop is. For the small workshop where you just occasionally do your DIY woodworking projects, a shop-vaccum is the proper type you can choose.

Electric Sander

electric sander

Using sandpaper is the common way to smooth your wooden crafts, but this method often requires great physical effort and time-consuming process sometimes, especially when your project requires to smooth large and flat surfaces and even really rough ones.

Plus, the smoothing task by physical effort might not work efficiently as you desire sometimes. Therefore, electric sander would be a great alternative to your sandpapers, which works quicker and easily provides your desired level of smoothness.



Lathe is a mechanic tool that allows you to carve, trim and shape your piece of wood so that you turn it into all sort of intricate designs and shapes, the process is often called woodturning. Usually table legs, chair legs are the common objects that woodworkers might need the help of lathes, others can be candle sticks, goblets and onarments.

Generally, there are two types of lathe that is often used in DIY woodworking projects. The first is called spindle turning. When working, the piecework is kept in place in its axis by two parts of lathe called headtsock and sailtsock. Also, the piecework is kept to be rotated during the trimming process by a woodworker.

The other is faceplate turning which makes the piecework is kept perpendicular to the bed of the lathe. Also, the objects that has a hollow feature like goblets are the common woodcrafts made with a faceplate turning.

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