Adjusting Blade of Band Saw for Blade Drift

how to adjust band saw blade for blade drift-best band saw reviewsBlade drift takes place when the wood or other materials used is being pressed on a relatively thinner blade while cutting. What really happens is that the blade gets twisted at different angles; this twisting depends on the size and the type of the blade. To maintain a straight line while you are cutting and to reduce the effects caused by blade drift, you are required to regulate the fence of the band saw. This is a very simple process, yet a very essential one in order to achieve more accurate and efficient cutting experience. You won’t require many materials for this process. In the following section, you will be given a brief insight on how to adjust the fence of the band saw.

The Process to Adjust the Fence of Band Saw

Here are the steps which you need to follow

• At First, you would require a piece of wood; it can even be a piece of scrap wood. You need to draw a parallel line on the wood. In order to do this, you are required to get hold of a straight edge and then you need to lay the wood down on an even surface. Then using a pencil you need to draw a line.

• At first you need to get rid of the fence. Then follow the drawn line and cut along it. Try to maintain a straight line.

• In order to do this, all you need to do is to simply turn the band saw on and then cut through the line. You need not cut too far. Here is an important point to note. You need to get hold of an angle where the wood is not getting twisted.

• Turn the saw off and make sure that the wood piece is held steady and is not moved at all.

• Use a pencil in order to draw a straight line along the wood’s edge. This is the line which would determine the point where a straight line is being cut by the band saw and also the angle.

• The fence should be slid over the line which was drawn previously and then both the bolts of the fence need to be loosened.

• This will let you adjust the fence’s angle in order to match the drawn line on the table.

• When you are tightening the two bolts you need to make sure that the fence is being kept steady because there is a possibility of it moving while the bolts are being turned. Now, the fence is parallel to the drift of the blade

• It can be moved and adjusted anywhere in order to accommodate the thickness of any material which you wish to cut.

• You need to make sure that the bolts are being kept tightly in order to avoid the angle of the fence from moving.
These are some of the steps which you need to follow while adjusting the band saw fence.

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