Belt Sander- 4 Methods To Take Care Of It

It is important to mention that some tools are very handy and allow the users to save their much time just like the incredible belt sander. In this article will share the useful information about the four vital ways, which will help the users to take better care for their belt sander.

Moreover, belt sander is used for sand the sand uneven areas trim to scratch lines and smooth a surface. It is advisable to maintain belt sander on regular basis in order to keep the belt sander operational in best condition. Furthermore, it is suggested to read the article carefully as it will share the information about the significance of the belt sander care and maintenance.

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Belt Sander- Upkeep Criticality

Before moving further, it is important to mention that according to Protection Association and Occupational Health, majority of the power tool damages, which are sustained by the workers, are just because of the lack of appropriate too care & maintenance. Although belt sanders comparatively are harmless machine, still it is advisable that never skip the process of systematic maintenance and care. By simply confirming that belt sander goes through the systemic maintenance, users can easily prolong its life, enhance its overall performance. Users can also ensure that their belt sander is working safely without any maintenance and care issue.

Methods to take care of Belt Sander

It is very easy to do the regular maintenance and care of belt sander. However, it is important to mention that how frequently users should perform the below given checks will surely depend on number of times, users are using their belt sander for different purpose.


Firstly, users should examine the belt on regular basis. This step should be done after using the belt sander. In order to check the belt, initially switch on its way, inspecting for blows, blocks or other areas with risky wear. In any case, you notice blows and risky water in the sanding belt, and then it is suggested to change the belt.

Moreover, users must remember that a damaged belt can bounce, jump or else breakdown easily. It can cause severe damage not merely to a sander but also to the worker as well. Try to read the owner’s manual, in order to get the appropriate belt altering guidelines. Usually, any harms or issues with a belt sander occur due of the belt, which has blocked with the resin and wood dust. In order to clean the belt, a reasonable cleaning stick should be used.

The Rollers

In order to examine the rollers of the belt sander, take out the belt. Carefully, check the rollers directly above by making it sure that the rollers are line up correctly with each other.  It is important to mention that rollers, which are not in position, cannot merely allow a belt to slipup and wear haphazardly, however these rollers might also damage your machine. Moreover, if the rollers not inline properly, then It is advisable to refer owner’s guidebook or other local professional in order to know that how to fix your model with ease.


After checking the roller, cautiously examine the platen. It is metal piece, which is usually protected by the piece of a cork, is placed underneath of sander just between the belt and shoe. The purpose of the platen is to make as the jolt absorber and upkeep the entire weight of belt sander. With the passage of time, as a belt wipes over platen then the stopper will crumble. After this, eventually the metal piece will wear high. How frequently users should replace the platen, will entirely depends on how frequently they use the belt sander however confirming the platen is in better condition will prolong its life.

Belt Sander- Vacuuming

The best and easiest way is to occasionally vacuuming the belt sander in order to keep the belt sander running safely and effortlessly. Majority of the belt sander already come with the vacuum connectors, which are accessories that continuously remove the dust and mud from a sander while it is still in use. In any case, belt sander do not contain the vacuum connector, then it advisable to refer to the manufacture in order to check if any vacuum connector is still available for specific model. The best portable air compressor or a can of compressed air can also be used to remove dust particles from hard-to-reach places.

Overall, it can said that maintenance and care process of the belt sander is very easy & effective. Users can prolong the life of their belt sander by simply following the care and maintenance steps wisely.

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