Best Cordless Hammer Drill Reviews

best cordless hammer drillHammer drill is an important tool which we see around us many times in our daily routine. It is known by different names in the market due to its different functioning. It it known as “rotary Hammer”, “Hammering Drill” and “Rotor-drill”. You can easily understand its functioning as its names are self-explaining. Actually, it provides a hammering action rapid and less effort by its rotating technology. These hammering drills are similar to the drill drivers, but with an additional mechanism. Basically, the hammer effect of this drill is quite necessary for the drilling into the concrete, bricks, blocks and masonry surfaces. Let’s learn more about how to select the best cordless hammer drill.

What is a cordless hammer drill used for?

Hammer drills are also available with cordless facility. In cordless hammer drills, drills operate on rechargeable batteries. So, without the wires and electricity issue you can easily use it anywhere. It is easy to carry and to use.  It is very useful and it is an important tool in the carpenter’s tool box. The most popular uses of Cordless Hammer Drill are discussed below:

  • You can easily assemble or attach the screws easily by using a Crodless Hammer drill. In other words, screw driver is replaced by cordless hammer drill.
  • The most common problem during inserting a screw in the wood is, the wood may split into two portions. So to avoid this splitting you can make a pilot hole with the help of a cordless hammer drill, then insert a screw in it. This will avid the splitting problem.
  • You can use the Cordless Hammer drill in an amazing way as well. You can use it for cutting in place of saw. Now you are thinking how is it possible? The answer of this question is very easy. You can the Hole Saw to the cordless hammer and use it easily for cutting. Hole saw are available in different sizes in the market and it makes easy for you to cut anything round perfectly.
  • The next use of Cordless Hammer drill is the installation of DryWalls the screws of drywalls are not as easy as you are thinking. The installation of drywalls requires lifting and holding of large panels. But the use of the Crodless Hammer drill makes it access easy.
  • The special type of Cordless Hammer drill is also used to drive bolts into concrete. You can insert any type of screw into the concrete by using the Cordless Hammer Drill.

Top best cordless hammer drill reviews

Lets have a look at some of the models of Cordless Hammer drill. So the first model of Cordless Hammer drill is

Makita XPH012 18V LXT

Makita XPH012 18V LXT

One of the new cordless hammer drill with a reasonable and affordable price. The size of the drill is small, easy to carry as it is light in weight as well. The good thing about this is, it is versatile in action because I is used as a driver, drill and a hammer drill. It has built in LED light for work, belt clip and a keyless chunk with a speed ranges from 0-400 and 0-1500 RPM. Due to its lightweight you can carry it anywhere easily and use it as it has versatile functionality. So the advantages of this Matika are:

 It is reasonable to buy, small in size, compact, lightweight and versatile function. The disadvantages are it is not much powerful and it has no major shortcomings.

Bosch HDS181-02 Compact Tough Hammer Drill

Bosch HDS181-02 Compact Tough Hammer Drill

This drill is used professionally and designed in such manner to do big and tough jobs with ease. The drill has 18-Olt Lithium Ion, 2 high capacity batteries and a charger. The rating of this drill is also very impressive. The price of the drill is also affordable.  As it is designed for tough jobs so it can work easily on wood, plastic, concrete and metal surface easily. The weight of the drill is just 4.5 pounds and the dimensions of the drill are 19 x 14.8 x 5. It has two variable speeds like 0-500 and 0-1700 RPM.  It is also versatile and suitable for many applications. It has a built-in LED light that turns on when touch the trigger slightly. Every tool and device has some pros and cons. The pros of this model are it is nicely balanced and light in weight. It is comfortable to use and friendly to users as well. Its performance is quite good and reliable. It comes with three years protection plan, but during this time span if the user wants to replace the battery he can replace it free of cost.

There are some cons as well like to tighten small bits it is difficult. Due to the little bit carelessness of the user, it accidentally slips into the hammer drill mode. It has no built-in bubble level in it, it runs out of charge very quickly, which is inconvenient for the users.

DEWALT DCD995B Hammer Drill Bare Tool

DEWALT DCD995B Hammer Drill Bare Tool

DEWALT DCD995B is basically a power drill that is designed for a serious DIY person. This drill has a powerful 650 watt motor which delivers you a better performance and everything which you need. It really works great on hard or tough surfaces quite easily. The main features of this drill are it has a quite reasonable size like 8.9 x 4.1 x 10.1 inches and the weight of the drill is 4.4 pounds. So in other words, it is light in weight and small in size. This drill has latest brushless motors  which actually extend the life of the battery. The drill works with the speed of 0-2,000 RPM. There is a built-in LED light to avoid the shadows on the surface where the user is working. It goes through the masonry surfaces quite easily.

You can select any one of these according to your requirement whereas many other models are also available in the market with a slight difference in their functionality.

What should be considered while choosing the best cordless hammer drill?

best cordless hammer drillNow the next question arises in the mind is which points should be kept in mind while choosing the best cordless hammer drill. So the answer is quite easy to buy the cordless hammer drill first, kept in mind the type of work you want to do. The surface on which you have to use the cordless hammer either it is a block, brick, concrete or masonry surface. The battery timing the voltages and the power with which it works really matters. The size, weight and the speed of the drill really affects the work. Because large and heavy drills are not suitable for smaller spaces. The cost of the drill is also reasonable, so it is easy for you to buy. All these things are necessary to keep in mind before choosing a cordless hammer drill.

Cordless hammer drill for different jobs

Cordless Hammer drills are used for different purposes as discussed above that they are versatile. So the rotary mode of a hammer drill is used in the drilling and the driving applications.  When there is a need to use on masonry surface, then rotary plus mode is used. To bore a hole hammer drill is also used.  In our daily routine, mostly cordless hammer drills are used by the

  • Contractors
  • Professionals
  • DIYers
  • Homeowners
  • Carpenters

Mostly, these hammer drills are used to fix or install the electrical boxes, installation of the shelves, and fixture to bricks and blocks.

Final thoughts

So, if we try to summarize the working, functionality and uses of the Cordless Hammer Drill we can say that it is the most common and useful tool we can observe in our surroundings. It is one of the most common and important tool used by the carpenters. These drills are available in the houses as well for installing the kitchen shelves or fixtures in the bricks and blocks. They are available at the reasonable prices so anyone can buy it and use it for his purpose. The major thing that is important for the cordless hammer drills are their batteries. They must be charged to do work  anywhere you want. As the cordless hammer drills are easy to use and carry. There sizes are small and there is no long wire for power.

In the market different models of the Cordless Hammer Drill are available you can select anyone according to your need and profession. So, buy it and try it as it is used for various purposes. Save your money by buying this tool, as it is useful for home purposes and try it by yourself instead of expending money on carpenters or the other professionals from installation of kitchen shelves or screws or bolts. Just try it, i hope you really enjoyed it and like it as well.