Cutting Metal with A Band Saw

metal cutting band saw reviewsAs we all know that tools and spares are the things that make our life simpler and relieve us of many strenuous tasks. The business of making equipment from wood, plastic and metal exists since a long time and with the right equipment you’re effectively able to do the right tasks with accuracy and precision. Metals are available in versatile sizes, shapes or we can say thickness. So cutting and shaping them for designing your equipment would require certain skillset.

So if you’re considering cutting and shaping metals and you think that only you’ll have to use a band saw for metal cutting, then you are right to a certain extent. Before you put your investment in a metal band saw cutter, you should look upon which type of band saw you need. However, you’ve got more things to focus on like band saw reviews and the best band saw for your needs. We highly recommend JET 414459 HVBS-7MW 7” 3/4-HP Band Saw as a great machine for cutting metal.

Certain aspects to consider

Having told this, the things that you need to be familiar with while attempting to work on metals are the features of these metals and the equipment and accessories you’ll require to carry out the tasks safely. Suppose, you plan on using your friends horizontal band saw; you must know that this specific tool would require the use of the different kinds of blades that are designed to work on different metals. A saw blade that’s made to work on aluminum wouldn’t be good for stainless steel due to the rigidity of the steel that needs another kind of saw blade for carrying out a task.

The right blade type and safety

So you’re preparing on to sculpt a metal in the desired shape and size? Using a wrong blade here might not get you the precision cut and it is likely that your blade would be damaged. After attaching the right blade, you also have to check on the safety. This measure would entail that you’re sure that nothing is there which accidently gets stuck to the cutting metal band saw. Wearing clothing like loose shirt tails and scarfs could potentially put you in danger.

Before starting the machine, you need to make sure that nothing accidently gets caught inside saw blade. The main things here are loose shirt tails and shirt sleeves. You need to make sure to wear safety goggles and facial safety guard. You also need to put of eye protection as sparks would fly at the time of cutting process.

Different measures with different saws

Cutting metal through a horizontal band saw would require certain measures and this must be done for specific types of metal only. You must tie down your materials so that they don’t move while you’re at the cutting process. It is recommended to tie down materials to cutting table. Safety measures must always be considered, so you need to put on facial protection and eye safety. While cutting your grip must be firm on the band saw.

While cutting metal through a vertical band saw, you need to turn on the power and insert material inside the saw blade with care. You have to use a device that helps you push it closer towards the blade so your hands and fingers are kept away from the blade. Also don’t push the device in the blade that you’re using. You should only use it for pushing the material closer to the blade. At this point the material has to be pulled through the rest of the way by saw blade. Refer band saw safety guides for more information.

You must be familiar with all sorts of techniques and the right knowledge to cut and sculpt them in right sizes for the machinery. This measure is vital as without honing the right skills and making attempts to cut metals might lead to severe consequences.