DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium- Ion Band Saw Review

DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Band Saw Bare-Tool

DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium- Ion is a lot different when being compared to others; right off the bat you will notice that the price is higher and this is because it has more to offer, can be used for more and is made better than other models that are out there. You will also notice that the design overall is vastly different as well.


These features are all of the great aspects about this model, they are meant to help consumers figure out exactly what they want and what they don’t want as well as what they need versus what they want. All of these features are what help to make this product so popular and well-worth it.

  • There are dual bearing blades with guide rollers
  • There is blade tracking adjustments that can be made
  • There is an LED work light and it only has a delay of twenty seconds
  • Best balance out there due to the handle being positioned in the direct center


Benefits are aspects of the product that are similar to that of the features but more so the focus is on what makes this model so much better and or popular than other ones that are similar to it.

  • A hang hook (integrated) allows the user to hang up the saw without messing with the base of it or the handle on the front
  • The blade tracking adjustments leads to longer lasting blades, less blade changes and when you do change the blade it will super easy
  • The guide rollers help with increasing the durability of the blades within the support system
  • There is also a handle on the back that is a soft grip handle, this provides more flexibility and comfort


There is no real disadvantage to this product; everything about it works and works well and everything about it is loved by all consumers who have bought it and used it. The only real thing that someone can complain about is that it costs a lot of money but with all that it can do and how long it can last the price doesn’t seem that high anymore.

Best feature on the DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Band Saw, Bare-Tool:

It seems that the best feature about this model of the band saw is how simple it is to use and how easy it is to store; you can use it pretty much anywhere instead of only having a small work place in one space you can create a little bit here and a little bit there. The hook for it to hang on when it is not in use is seriously handy and is what everyone uses instead of storing it somewhere else and having it take up space for something else.


In the end you will find that this model of the band saw is very fascinating because it is so small and simple yet works so well and can allow you to get so much done in just a small time frame if needed. There is a lot more power behind this one, which makes it so amazing and more loved and is also why the price tag is higher; it is around two hundred and five dollars to buy but is an investment that is well made because it is extremely long lasting and well built.

Everyone that has bought it has loved it and they have used it for a variety of reasons, from hobbies to real work. For example one customer that gave it a full five star rating said that it is an incredible tool that is something everyone must have because of how well it works and all that it can do. Another customer that gave it a full five star rating said that it is great for cutting all treads as well as uni-struts and it comes in handy more so when you don’t have to worry about there being chord everywhere or having to drag a chord around everywhere while working. Buying this model will be a great decision and it will remain something that you will not ever regret.

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