DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Band Saw Kit (Portable) Review

DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit

This model is great because it is a whole kit, which is exactly what you need to get started whether you are going to be using it for hobbies like woodworking or if you are going to be using it for normal work such as building stuff and what not. The price may be high but everything you need is included and you won’t have to make an extra or separate purchase which is already saving you more money in the long run.


The features are what makes this model stand out for the better when being compared and contrasted to the other models that are on the market as of right now as well. Knowing all of this information is what helps consumers to understand what they need and what they want which helps them to finding out what model they need and more.

  • The motor is ten amps which is a lot of power; allowing it not have any problems even on job sites
  • Can do rectangular cuts as well as rounded cuts that are five inches deep
  • There are rubber bumpers on this model and the steel is serviceable so it can withstand abuse and damage from job sites
  • The LED site makes it easy to see the lines to cut in the dark
  • There is an integrated hanging hook which comes in handy to use so you don’t damage the handle or the base of the machine


Benefits are very similar to that of features however the difference is the basics versus what makes it the best. The benefits are what the user will enjoy the most out of buying this product and more.

  • The motor is ten amps, this is a lot of power and allows it to handle pretty much anything
  • You can control the speed from one hundred sfm to three hundred and fifty sfm when it comes to versatility
  • The design of the handle is very ergonomic which gives the user an improved sense of control
  • When purchased you also get the hex wrench, the kit box and a standard blade
  • You get a limited three year warranty when purchased or there is also a 3 months money-back guarantee


When it comes to buying this band saw kit there is no real disadvantage to it at all; you get everything that you need all at once and sure the price is high but it is well worth it in the end instead of having to make separates purchases later on. So even though the price is high you are saving yourself money in the long run, this is not something negative.

Best feature:

Hands down it has to be all about the power behind the motor and the overall design that is used in the look of the band saw. The amount of power is high which comes in handy for anything that there may be at a job site or just goofing around. And the structure of the product is so sought after because it is comfortable to use and can withstand being used a lot and it takes a lot to damage this band saw.


In the end you will see that this model of the band saw is the best one to go with when being compared and or contrasted to the similar models that are out there on the market as well. Simply this is because everything that you need to begin work and get everything done that you need to get done is included so you can start right away with whatever it is that you want to do or need to do; Being able to start right away also ends up saving more time and more money.

Buying this kit for almost three hundred dollars is so worth it that there is nothing negative to say to try and stop someone from doing so. This will never be something that you regret and to help you with your decision are some examples. For example one customer that gave this product a full five star rating said that it works great and that the price is actually a good price because it is cheaper than what other stores have it up for. Another customer that gave it a full five star rating said that it is a portable band saw that is beyond excellent and they use it on their farm all of the time because it has so much power and works so well.

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