DIY Wooden Projects for Your Home Improvement

diy wooden projects

Do you know that just a little change of your furniture can make your house have a new appearance? Especially, there is no need to buy luxury things; you can still have a beautiful and impressive house.

If you have enough patience and a little creation, nothing is impossible. Let follow this post and learn some easy but effective wooden projects for your home improvement!

Unique Wooden Shelf

diy wooden shelfIt is wasteful if you throw the old boards of wood away because they are more useful than you think. Let take full advantage of wood board which seem to be useless and make your new shelf.

This type of shelf looks simple but brings ancient and traditional space to your house. Especially, it is only a decorative item but also a multipurpose wooden shelve. You can use to place your favorite books, your cosmetic or even some decorative pillows as well.

To do this project, you need to prepare some boards of wood with similar size. If they are rough, you can use the saw or band saw to flat.

Besides, you also need some old metal water pipes, some screws.

What to do now? Simply! You just need to connect those pipes together to make the frame for your shelve. Then, you glue the wooden board on this frame.

Moreover, for more aesthetic, let spread a layer of food grade mineral oil on each board.

Creative Hanging Shelf For Flower Pots

shelf-for-flower-potsHanging a shelf of flowers on the wall is not a bad idea for your living room decoration.

Especially, it does not take much of time make a lovely and creative shelf like this.

To make this flower pot shelf, you just carry out the similar steps as the previous one.

However, the water pipes are replaced by the colorful ropes which allow you to move this shelf easily.

In addition, you need also make some tiny holes to slip your ropes and larger round holes for flower pots. Also, an available round piece of wood will help you to make these bigger ones more exactly and equally.

Lovely Wooden Boxes

diy wooden boxes Are there any used wooden boxes in your shed? Don’t throw them away; you might need them sometimes. Or if you own some short and thin bars of wood, remember to keep them for further useful purposes.

Let use your “magic” to metamorphose them into eye-catching cosmetic boxes or lovely flower pots by painting them. Their new appearance will help your house luxury and vivid a lot.

Impressive Coffee Table

diy coffee tableDo you often spend time on sipping your delicious brewed coffee? It is the fact that the surrounding space plays an important role in increasing the taste of your drink.

Do you want to replace your old table by another impressive and creative one?
Let make the most of the crates that you leave out for a long time and give them a new life.

You need to have 4 crates and a square wooden board. Then, you glue them together and leave the middle space as the picture shows.

Now, you can enjoy your favorite beverage everyday with a new and unique coffee table. Don’t forget to put some rocks for decoration or place a flower vase in the middle of this table.

What about the space in each crate? Are they the ideal place for you to store your wine bottle, newspaper or package of coffee?

Smart Cupboard

diy wooden cupboardYour kitchen will also have a good look if you know to rearrange it and add some colorful wooden furniture made by your hands.

With some wooden bars, 2 equal metal chains, 3 hinges and 2 hook bolts, nails and paint, you will surely have a smart cupboard.

Use nails to connect all wooden bars together to shape a shelf; then you make a horizontal door to cover all the shelf.

Connect this other side of this door with the shelf by 2 metal chains. Then add a layer of paint.

Now you can have a colorful cupboard to place your bowls, dishes and other items. When you open, it can act as a table.

Remember to put some beautiful flower pots to make your kitchen full of vitality!

Final Words

Are these wooden projects enough for you to improve and enhance your house? They are simple and easy to carry out, but their effects will be incredible. Let show your talent and creation through these projects and enjoy your results!