How To Measure Band Saw Blades?

Are you interested in woodworking like me and searching and for an effective way on how to measure band saw blades?

how to measure band saw blades

For those who work in a workshop and spend all days on wood, using a band saw is an essential part to complete the task well and effectively. It is the excellent tool that helps us to cut and saw every detail of wood carefully, accurately and correctly.

Sometimes, we own an old band saw which was given by a friendly neighborhood or relative, but it does not have a blade.  Or occasionally, our band saw has been used for a long time, and its blade is out of order, and you cannot find the manual to read the instructions as well as information about this band saw, we need to buy a new blade that your work can be done continuously. To save time in looking for the correct band saw blade as well as ensuring that your machine can work well, it is necessary for you to calculate the size of the one which you need.

How To Measure Band Saw Blades?

Do you know that to get the most appropriate blade for your band saw, you need to complete three tasks exactly? What you need to do is to get the figures related to length, width and depth of the blade and don’t worry because those tasks are not too difficult to carry out, and now I will give you some easy tips on how to measure band saw blades.

Calculate Band Saw Blade Length

With Available Bladehow to measure band saw blades

–    If you have already had an old blade, it is great because this task just takes a few minutes to do. You need to prepare a marking pen and any measuring tape you have. For those who have a measuring tape for a tailor, because this tape is very flexible, you just use it to measure the perimeter of the old blade by fixing the starting point of the tape your blade and pulling the measuring tape until you reach the beginning point. Is this so easy?

–    If you just own a usual measuring tape which is suitable for line measurement only, you can still calculate your blade length by another simple way. Firstly, you use chalk to draw a long line segment on the floor. Then, mark a point on the blade and put the blade on the line so that the marking point will fit the first point of this line segment. After that, you roll your band saw blade forward until the marking point reaches the line again, marking this point on the line segment by chalk.  Now, it is the time for you to calculate the distance you have gotten by the measuring tape.

Without Available Blade

To get the exact length of blade that you need to buy there is not any available blade in your workshop, you can base on the wheels on your best band saw. Let follow the formula as below:

(A x 3.14) + (B x 2)

A is the distance from the center of two wheels or pulleys on your band saw; B is the diameter of a wheel or pulley, and the final result will be your band saw.

Measure Band Saw Blade Width And Depth

how to measure a band saw bladeLike length, width and depth are two essential factors that need to be calculated carefully so that the blade we buy can fit our band saw.

  • Width is the distance from the edge of the blade to the top of its teeth. Hence, you just need to use a ruler or a measuring tape to measure this distance.
  • Similarly, depth is known as the thickness of the back of the band saw blade, and it can also be measured easily by those tools.


Owning a band saw with appropriate blade play an important role in carry out woodworking effectively and successfully. Without careful consideration and choice, we not only perform our task easily but also waste a large amount of money on a useless item. Hence, whenever each of us wants to replace or change to a new band saw blade, it is crucial for us to know how to measure band saw blade by taking those criteria into account seriously so that we can purchase the most suitable one.

Woodworking in general and working with a band saw, in particular, is a joyful and meaningful job, hope your work will always smoothly by the suggestions listed above.