How To Use A Band Saw As Saw Mill

Why must one use a band saw as sawmill?band saw reviews guides tips

There are many alternate way of using band saw as can be found in band saw reviews and guides. Using band saw as sawmill is one of the quickest and effective methods for changing logs into required lumbers. Yield from band saw mill is anytime greater than other sawmills, hence resulting in better performances and profits. This power tool is beneficial for usage because of flawless cutting and clean finishing.

Reasons for using a band saw as sawmill

Advantages of using a band saw as sawmill are as follows

  • Band saw is a reliable, simple, creative and portable sawmill that is capable of meeting the expectations by delivering best quality performance.
  • One of the main reasons for using a band saw is that it is easier to bring a band saw to the logs instead of bringing logs to a sawmill.
  • Operating sawmill is cheaper and economically profitable.
  • By using a band saw, it becomes possible to cut logs that are wet as this is not possible in every other sawmills.
  • Adjusting blades of band saw to accommodate larger logs is much easier.

Procedure to use band saw as sawmill

Some simple steps that helping effective usage of band saw as saw mill for various projects are as follows

  • It is vital to check the working condition of a band saw because the saw will track correctly only when the wheels are properly aligned.
  • One must wear protective gear for safety measures. It is necessary to wear goggles so that saw dust does not cause harm to eyes and ear plugs so that loud noise does not cause any damage to ears. It is also advisable to wear gloves to keep the hands safe from any injuries and harm. This helps in avoiding untoward accidents.
  • Logs can easily rollover, as they are circular, thus causing injuries. To avoid this from happening it is essential to stabilize motion of logs by attaching it to another stable object.
  • When using a band saw for the first few times it is prudent to mark the log for initial guidance. To do so take a chalk and draw a line centrally on the log, therefore making a pattern on which a blade can easily run.
  • Switch on a band saw and now it is an easy and simple process to run smoothly along the drawn pattern for better and safe results
  • With help of this process, it is possible to cut logs in a perfect and matched rhythm. Such book match is ideal for shelves, tables, chairs and various other projects as each log mirrors the other perfectly.
  • After dusting a log-half, keep it on a table of band saw facing down. Now cut a portion from aside in order to make a flat surface so that it becomes possible to stand stable at a later stage.
  • After completing this work it is time to build a fence on the table for supporting the log during running of a blade
  • Distance maintained between a fence and a blade is determined by the required thickness of the lumber that needs to be cut. It is possible for a band saw to cut logs of 21-inch diameteralso.
  • Last step in using a band saw as sawmill is running of logs on blade until the desired order is completed.