JET 414459 HVBS-7MW 7” 3/4-HP Band Saw Review

JET 414459 HVBS-7MW 7” 3/4-HP Band Saw Review

Touted to be one of the most effective cutting tools on the market today, this Jet masterpiece has features designed to serve your every woodworking demand. This single-phase piece is great for work both indoors and outdoors. From sewing small rabbets and strips to cutting through tiny tenons, this tool rises to several woodworking occasions and will be applicable for years to come.


Here is quick look at what the JET 414459 HVBS-7MW is packing:

  • The 5” throat depth enhances material versatility
  • You can manually set blade speed: 85, 130, 180, or 285 feet per minute
  • A 3/4 horsepower 115-Volt motor powers this magnificent beast of a saw machine
  • It has a 7 x 12 inch capacity
  • The vice can be swivelled up to 45 degrees
  • Total weight: 13 pounds
  • Warranty: 2 years

It is good to know that aside from all these admirable features, the product package also contains one material stop bar, two wheel axles, one material stop, four wheels, one belt cover, four split pins, and one vertical cutting plate.


If the extras and salient features alone do not impress you, here is a slightly detailed look at what this saw machine will bring to your projects.

  • The chip tray feature serves to keep the work-space debris- and dust-free.
  • Different types of materials can be accommodated thanks to the material stop and roller blade guides; both fully adjustable. This is one of the more convenient features on this saw.
  • As safety goes, the auto-stop feature ceases saw blade movement as soon as it is turned off. In addition, you have coolant systems that reduce overheating.
  • The band saw is actually assisted through jobs by the hydraulic feed that helps with metal cutting.
  • You get a variety of quality cutting options due to diverse cutting speeds.
  • The heavy-duty steel body enhances durability for the long-term.

This multi-functional saw machine has proven to live up to its reputation of being powerful while still providing super quality results in the field of woodworking.


The shut-off switch has proven to be rather troublesome. The band saw could do with a bit more storage space. If you are on heavy cutting jobs, know that the blade can easily wear out.

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Adaptability: Between the roller blade guides and material stop, you have full adjustability; depending on the type and size of the material on your worktable. With an amazing cutting surface measuring 7 inches x 10 7/8 inches and the dimensions of the saw at 49 ½ inches x 20 ½ inches x 38 inches, you have yourself a cutting tool that can perform almost all woodworking tasks both indoors and outdoors.


Other than the fact that you need to replace the blades on this machine if used during heavy project work, it brings amazing value for money.