How to maintain a band saw and keep it clean

Importance of cleaning and maintenance of a band saw

cleaning band sawBand saw is an important tool for a wood worker; therefore, proper maintenance is as vital to it as correct usage of the equipment. Cleaning and maintenance of a band saw at regular intervals is essential for productive output and increased lifespan. Various cleaning products are available in market so that work becomes hassle free but one has to follow the instructions carefully for easy usage.

Methods of cleaning and maintenance of a band saw

Numerous ways are possible for effective and stress-free cleaning of a band saw as well as guarding it against rust. Following are some fundamental procedures for proper upkeep and cleaning of a band saw

  • Clearing debris
    First step towards cleaning is to put the knob of a band saw in off position and lock it before unplugging the equipment. Usage of a blower linked to an air compressor is necessary for blowing away any debris and sawdust.
  • Removal of dirt, rust and carbon dust
    It is sensible to avoid usage of solvents as it can cause serious damage to equipment. In order to rid carbon dust and dirt one must use a clean and cotton cloth. For removing rust, one must dip a bit of steel wool into liquefied rust-remover and then gently rub it on top portion of the table. Resin is sticky and affects the performance of a band saw as it results in friction. Wiping it with clean and dry cloth is recommended for better results.
  • Applying wax
    Applying car wax on top part of the table brings shine and increases its lifespan. Take a liberal quantity of paste wax and rub it with a damp sponge. Leave it to dry for some time and then wipe it clean with help of a clean cloth. One can apply a second coat in a same manner for better results. It is sensible to opt for regular cleaning to increase durability of machine. It is judicious to avoid products that are silicon-based as they leave residue, thus adversely affecting the performance of a band saw.maintaining band saw wax
  • Removal and cleaning of blades
    One must make a habit of cleaning blades regularly as it will increase its performance and avoid build-up of residue. Maintenance also helps in keeping a blade sharp so that it is easy to avoid crooked cuts. Firstly unplug a band saw and then take out the blades for cleaning.Soak the blades in soapy water and later wipe it dry with clean cloth. A hair drier is also effective in drying a blade. In order to avoid rust on blades it is advisable to spray lubricants but if it is already rusty then it is better to use a rust-removal liquid that has non-toxic properties. One must elude usage of corrosive solvent or a metal scrapper as they often causes damage to the blade. Learn more how to sharp band saw blade to clean band saw blade
  • Cleaning of saw
    After removal of blades (learn how to remove the blade at, it becomes easier to clean the surrounding areas of a saw like pitch and wheels. One can spray a resin-remover on them and later clean it with help of wire brush. Periodic maintenance like once every month is compulsory for keeping a band saw in good condition for every operation.