How To Make An Embroidery Machine Table

If you are a regular sewer, you would know that most sewing tables are made for the average height. But what if you were taller or shorter? You will definitely face some problems. So here are a few methods by which you can create table for your embroidery machine at home for very low costs.

Method 1

sewing cutting machine table

Things you need

Firstly, choose the best wood for your table that is of good quality and stays within the budget as well. Cut it out according to the measurements you need, using a band saw. These are the things you will get after cutting out the wood.

sewing cutting machine table using bandsaw

Cut out one more slab that will be the top of the table. Use a band saw for this.

Next, it is time to add some life to these blocks of wood. Paint them with your favorite colors. The pictures have been taken after painting, so you have a rough idea of what we are saying. If the wood is too rough, you can use a sandpaper initially to make it smooth.

Now, it is time to accumulate all the things. Lay the legs on the ground and start to screw them using a drill.

sewing cutting table diy

Make sure you have placed the screws on the inside corners as well. Then, using a level, check that all the legs are at the same height. Else, you must make them of the same length. Put all the things in place. Turn it up!

sewing cutting table diy 2

Fit your plywood and you are done. Your own homemade sewing machine cum embroidery machine table is ready. Attach a bar if you like.

sewing cutting table diy

And that’s how it looks like!

Method 2

If you don’t have that big space in your home in which you can keep your table, try this method. You get a foldable table in which you can store all your belongings and yet are able to keep the table in a small space when not in use.

When not in use:

When not in use, it looks something like this.

ikea folding tables

When in use: It looks something like this, only with the leave open.

vintage folding sewing table

Things you need

  • Plywood
  • 1X2s or 1X3s
  • Caster wheels
  • Hinges
  • Screws
  • Band saw

Firstly, cut out ply using a band saw in the dimensions of your choice.

Next, using the screws, put all the wood together. Attach wheels at the bottom for easy movement.

This gives you a box. Next, add the leaves that will fold up and down. Hinge them.

The legs of the table will be hinged to the leaves next to one another, but hinged in opposite edges so that they open up as different legs.

You are done with the table. Now you can open it when you are using it. And when you are not using it, fold all the things, keep the machine and accessories in the box, and it will fit even in a closet.

So these were two of the best ways to create an embroidery machine table right at your home. Make one that will suit your needs!