Making A Band Saw Box

Basics and Background Information of a Band Saw Box:

A band saw box is a box that is made out of wood by only using the assistance of a band saw for making all of the cuts. The wood that is used to make this box can be a solid block, it can be a log from a pile of wood or it can even be a laminated block. The difference between a band saw box and other kinds of boxes are that most boxes have sides that are straight with corners that are square while a band saw box has no real restrictions when it comes to the overall design or shape of the box itself. To complete this project there is a decent amount of tools and products that are needed to get it done. They are all mentioned below, granted you can change out certain tools and or products for other tools and or products as you desire. Otherwise you will need the following:

making box for band saw

  • Tex flocking fiber, suede
  • Tex adhesive, suede
  • Tex mini flocker, suede
  • 12” disc sander
  • Elmer’s adhesive spray
  • Titebond II wood glue
  • Rasp set
  • Spray lacquer
  • F-style clamps
  • 3/16” 4 TPI skip tooth band saw blade
  • Boiled linseed oil
  • Grizzly GO555X band saw

Once you have gathered everything that you need you can begin working on your very own band saw box. All of the steps from the very beginning to the very end are mentioned below to better help consumers understand the entire process.

Step by Step Instructions on Making a Band Saw Box:

Step One – Glue up the band saw box; to do this all of the pieces need to be clamped together. It is most common to use one type of wood for the core and another type of wood for the outside. The F-clamps are used to help with distributing the pressure.

Step Two – Now take your template for the band saw box and attach it to the blank with the spray adhesive from Elmer’s.

Step Three – After a few minutes to let it dry you can then cut the outside of the box using the 3/16” 4 TPI skip tooth blade. This step requires a steady hand and concentration but only takes a few minutes to do.

Step Four – Once the outside of the box has been cut you then need to cut out the back of the box itself. For this step it is best to use the ½” blade.

Step Five – Now go back to the first blade you used in order to cut the drawer for the box out.

Step Six – Use the clamps to tighten the outer shell back up with the Titebond II glue, this is known as closing the kerf.

Step Seven – Now you need to switch back to the second blade you used and make the blacks and the fronts of the drawers.

Step Eight – With this step go back to the first kind of blade you used and take out the drawer, this is also known as the inside of the box drawer.

Step Nine – Using the clamps again in the step hold everything down while you are gluing the back to the drawer and then the same for the front of the drawer.

Step Ten – Wait for a few minutes to let these pieces dry and then use the glue to place the back of the drawer on the outer shell, again be sure to use the clamps to help with the pressure being distributed.

Step Eleven – Take the disc sander and sand the outside of the drawer and then sand the outside of the box itself.

Step Twelve –You need to round out the edges here and to do this use the rasp.

Step Thirteen – This is the step where you begin to finish your box; it is best to apply more than one coat of boiled linseed oil on the whole box and then spraying it with some lacquer spray.

Step Fourteen – Here is where you flock the band saw box, the inside of the box as well as the drawer should be covered with black adhesive as well as black flocking fibers. This is done with the mini flocker.

Step Fifteen – Simply drill a hole where you wish to insert the drawer pull and you are all done!

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The following video will help you understand easier