Making A Six-Pack Beer Tote with Band Saws

how to make a beer tote with band sawsIn today’s times there are more and more people getting creative and crafty with making new items from ideas known as up cycling or just fun do it yourself projects to sell or give as gifts. One of the more popular items that are made is a wooden beer tote that can hold a complete six pack of beer. There are several different ways in which you can make a beer caddy such as this but no matter how you make it you need at least the following materials to complete this project:

  • ½” type of wood, ex. Walnut plywood
  • ¼” dowel
  • 5/8” dowel
  • Painters tape, to stop there from being any tear-out
  • 3/16” plywood
  • ¼” drill bit
  • Side mount bottle opener
  • 5/8” forstner bit
  • Deft satin spray and or lacquer
  • REVO clamps, ex. Ones from Bessey K Body

Once you have these mentioned materials or at least the items you want to use to make your wooden beer tote you can go ahead and get started. All of the steps are mentioned below in order from what you do first to what you do last.

Step by Step Instructions for making a Wooden Beer Tote:

Step One – Cut all of your pieces of wood to the right size. You want all of your pieces of wood to be cut at the exact right length as well as the correct width.

Step Two –You will need to then cut out the grooves on the bottom of the box. On both of the sides that are longer you will need to cut a groove into the plywood in order for the bottom and everything to fit together as it should.

Step Three – Next the ends need to be shaped, this is where you take the two end pieces and mark them and then cut the angles that need to be cut using a band saw.

Step Four – Now you need to drill the holes for the handle. Use your drill and make a hole in each of the end pieces for the handle to get placed at so it can be used as desired.

Step Five – The handle needs to get cut now, the handle is made from a dowel rod and you just need to make sure that it gets cut at the right length for the tote that you are making.

Step Six – At this point everything you need for the basics of the beer caddy is cut and you need to put it together piece by piece using glue.

Step Seven – Once the glue has dried up some you can do what is known as dowel joinery; this is where you will have to reinforce the butt joints by making holes as well as some flush cut dowels.

Step Eight – This step gets you to go back to using the band saw in order to make the inserts that go within the beer caddy itself. To make the inserts you need to cut out slots in the pieces so each beer has its own place like a normal six-pack does.

Step Nine – All that is left now is some finishing touches such as painting it or spray lacquering it. Make sure that everything is covered equally and that all the pieces are put together correctly. Once you have done this you can then fill up your new homemade wooden beer tote with your favorite beer and begin to enjoy it.

In the end you can see that this woodworking project is a small one as well as a simple one and it can be a fun way to spend some spare time, it can be a great hobby or it can be something great you can make for someone that means a lot to you. A little bit of hard work goes a long way.