How to Replace a Graphite Shaft on a Golf Club with a Band saw


In general, a golf club is one of the most important equipment when you are a golf player. However, nothing lasts forever, so as your golf club, no matter how expensive it is. In fact, when you play golf for a long time, it is likely that your club will be damaged to some extents. That’s why one day, you will notice that the club no longer fits your swing and this is really disturbing for any player.

Symptoms of a damaged shaft

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Therefore, after a period of time (more than 1 year), you’d better have a check on your golf club to see if it is bent, rusted, pitted, cracked or kinked. Here are some specific symptoms of a broken shaft you need to take into consideration:

1. Anytime you hit the ball on the center of the club face, the strike doesn’t seem to be solid enough.

2. There is a higher or lower trajectory than what you used to see before.

3. You feel that the shafts are too flexible or too stiff for your taste in the club while you hit the ball.

4. The ball tends to hang out to the fade side of the target line and the impact is not that solid anymore. For examples, this can happen when the swing weight is too heavy, the club becomes too heavy or the face angle of the wood head is too open for your needs.

How to replace your graphite shaft

In short, when something goes wrong with your golf club, particularly with the Graphite Shaft, you may need to think about buying a new one. In details, you can take the graphite shaft to your neighborhood sporting goods shop or store.

However, if you want to save your money, just consider replacing it yourself at home. Actually, this is not difficult as you think as long as you follow all the basic steps.
But, in order to replace a graphite shaft, you also need some items and the most important thing is a band saw. Overall, a band saw is a machine used principally in metalworking, woodworking and lumbering. It uses a blade which consists of a continuous band of metal (toothed) on opposing wheels so as to cut material easily. That’s why this machine is highly recommended for you when it comes to replacing a graphite shaft.

Besides, you also need some other items for a new graphite shaft such as simple steps. Soon you will have virtually a new club, and dreams of lowering your score might be a reality.

  • New graphite shaft and grip
  • Protective glasses
  • Blow torch
  • Wire drill bit or a drill
  • Epoxy
  • Grip solvent
  • Double- sided tape

After preparing all of those items, I can help you make a virtually new golf club so that you can keep using your current one without wasting much money. The following are some basic steps for you:

Step 1

First, remove the old graphite shaft from the golf club. To do this, you can choose one of the 2 options.

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– Option 1: You can loosen the shaft from your club by heating the connector or the hosel of the club head with the blow torch till the epoxy( which is used to bond them together) becomes liquid. Make sure that you have protective glasses while doing this.

– Option 2: The other way is remove the graphite shaft is this: cut the shaft right above the hosel of the club head, then use a drill so as to remove the remaining pieces of the shaft carefully. This way is especially useful if the club head is made of titanium because it tends to diffuse the heat, therefore, making it more difficult to melt the epoxy.

No matter how you remove the shaft, just remember that after cleaning the hosel, you should squirt some acetone into the hosel so as to remove the remaining grease and debris .

Step 2

Prepare a new shaft to replace. Generally, graphite shafts have protective coating, thus, you have to remove it from the tip of the shaft. To do this, just peel off the current shaft carefully with a knife. After that, use a sandpaper to rough up the tip to be sure that it can bond with the head of the club tightly.

Additionally, in case the hosel is too smooth inside even after you have cleaned it, then use a wire drill bit in order to make it rougher.

Step 3

Put on the new graphite shaft. You need to mix a small amount of epoxy then spread it inside the hosel liberally, and make sure that all the surfaces are well covered. Next, do the same thing with the tip of the shaft.

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However, what to do if a piece of plastic or a ferrule which goes onto the butts and shaft against the hosel? If so, you need to put little epoxy on it as well and then replace it on the shaft.
Carefully put the shaft tip inside the hosel, and then twist the head of your club slightly so that you can make certain that both the shaft and the hosel are thoroughly covered. Finally, don’t forget to pull the ferrule down to a proper position.

Step 4

Cut the shaft as well as add a new grip to your gold club. Keep in mind that you should wait for about 1 day for the epoxy to set completely before you finish the golf club.
Determine the length of the club you need and then mark where you will cut. Because the graphite shaft is likely to shatter when being cut, you’d better put on a few layers of double- sided tape on the cut line right before using a band saw to cut it.

Afterwards, wrap the area where you will place the grip with tape( double-sided tape) and remember to soak the tape into grip solvent. Besides, you also need to pour little solvent inside your grip, then swirl the liquid around until it is covered completely.

At the end of the process, pour out the remaining solvent and slide your grip onto that new shaft. Don’t do anything within amount 15 or 20 because it needs to be dried, once it is dried, you can make the final adjustments to the new shaft. Click here to find more guide on Golf Equipment.