Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw Review

Rikon 10-325 Deluxe Band Saw 14-Inch

Suppose you are a woodworker looking to perform ripping, cutting, curve cutting, re-sawing, and crosscutting tasks. This saw will help you accomplish this and more, and it is no small boast. Known for its versatility and how well it adapts to suit different woodworking styles, the Rikon 10-325 is also affordable, user-friendly (especially for hobbyists) and precise.


Here is quick look at what the Rikon 10-325 is packing:

  • Hinged blade guard equipped with a sight window
  • 4-inch dust port; makes for a clean table
  • Quick-release feature where blade tension is concerned
  • 2-speed settings, namely 1445 and 2950 feet per minute
  • A sizeable worktable: 16 x 21 ½ inches
  • Total weight: 257 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years

These features alone do not do justice to describing what this Rikon masterpiece is all about. Let us delve into some details and see if this saw machine is up to par.


Not all products end up being useful in the true sense of the word. They have multiple features but are they worth calling functional? Let us find out for the Rikon 10-325 Band Saw.

The large worktable dimensions do one up from contemporary models that do not bring the same extensiveness. Bigger projects, more room to work with, and ease of mind while woodcutting… The table is also properly structured and polished.

  • Some of the most precise cuts can be made using this model’s reputed rip fence.
  • Re-sawing is superbly easy. You do not need to install riser blocks to do so. Thanks to its 13” capacity you can also re-saw different materials without sacrificing consistency.
  • Speaking of riser blocks, you can work without these and still perform excellent cuts due to the machine’s outstanding power.
  • The swift tension release for the blade is convenient and makes for speedy work.
  • The deluxe band saw works smoothly and relatively silently (which is amazing for when you need to work early morns or late nights) while still getting you quality cut-work.
  • You have superior stability via the saw’s edge-facing capabilities.

The platform itself works quite well on a 15-amp breaker, enjoys a durable saw and fence design, and provides amazing quality and solidity.


It is not all stars and sunshine for the Rikon 10-325. Its lower guide blocks are not as good as they could be. Aside from that, the fence’s engineering system is not up to par, the package blades are low quality and the Trunnion setting has a tendency to malfunction.

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Blade & Window: To help you choose, you have a wheel adjustment tip sheet, clear user manual, and blade selection guide. You can use the inset windows to check the blade’s centring and tension. This highly convenient design element brings much-needed downtime for your projects, so you do not waste time or quality with your woodworking tasks.

This feature is also responsible for the precision and smoothness that the Rikon 10-325 Deluxe Band Saw brings to your worktable. When it comes to changing blades, the blade tension can be quickly altered. Also, when the machine is turned off the tension release increases the blade’s lifespan at no inconvenience to you.


There is a reason why the Rikon 10-325 is an award-winning band saw. It is reliable and makes your woodworking tasks that much easier. From precision to time- and energy-saving features, this saw machine comes to you at the affordable cost.

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