Safety Tips When Using A Band Saw

Many woodworkers prefer to use band saw over handheld jigsaw because it offers better and cleaner cuts. But this is a tool with a very sharp blade so the setup should be your number one priority. You must have the guides retracted and the blade should be adjusted so it can run in the center from the upper wheel. You should have all the guides adjusted very close to the blade. The side guides should be set behind the teeth so you can avoid any damage. The blade should do all the work, you only have to push slightly the work piece but not so hard.
As band saw reviews described, this kind of power tool is considered as very safe machinery but at the same time, it can be a very dangerous tool too. If you are not using it properly, you might end up with an injury.

Safety equipment

• Every time you work with your band saw, you should wear safety glasses. Not only small pieces of stock can be propelled but also your blade might breaks and a piece might come loose. You should not risk your sight at any time. Always wear glasses to protect your eyes.
• Hearing protection is not necessary, but if you feel the need to use ear plugs while working with your band saw then you should do so.
• Appropriate clothing is a must when you are working with your band saw. You should avoid long sleeved clothes because they might easily get stuck in the band saw blade.

Always check your band saw

Band saw is the most important part which keeps the blade in its position during a cut. It utilizes a number of blocks and wheels so it should be regularly checked for wear and also it should be adjusted too. If you do not do this on regulars based you might end up with a tear on the blade.

Cut the wood safely

When you start up the band saw you should wait for the motor to reach its full speed. Place the stock flat against the table all the time, you cannot place the stock in the mid air.
If you want to cut curves you should draw the outline on the stock. Again the wood must be placed flat against the table. You should move slowly and always leave a bit of stock outside which you can remove by sanding.
If you have to back out of the cut then you should be extra careful. With one hand hold the stock in place and with the other turn off the motor.

Make sure you keep your hands away

Your hands should not be closer than three inches to the blade. You should have one hand on each side of the stock and never have your hand-placed directly on the cut line. If you have to hold the stock closer to the blade then you should use a push stick.

Basic rules to follow

• When you are using a band saw there will probably be some small pieces of stock that are cut off during the process. You should not try to flick them away with your hands but instead use a piece of stock or with a stick while the blade is not moving.
• Loose pieces on table should be removed since they can impede your cut.
• It is a common sense when you are working with band saw to avoid distractions. If someone tries to talk to you while you are doing a cut do not look away from the tool. You should either finish the cut or turn off the saw. Injuries usually happen because the person that was working was distracted even for a second. Establish some ground rules with people around you who might interrupt you. They can wait until you finish the cut and later they can have your full attention.
• The feed pressure should be decreased at the end of the cut
• When the band saw is running the wheel covers should be shut
If a band saw is running, then it should not be left unattended. Always shut off the band saw if you are not using it anymore.

For easier understanding, watch the following video: