SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw Review

SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw with Light

A band saw is a saw that is pretty much endless and is made of a steel band that has an edge that is serrated in which goes over the wheels that are running. A tool like this is easy to use but dangerous as well and should be handled with safety and professionalism each time that it is in use.


All of the features for this model of the Band Saw from SKIL are mentioned below and they are meant to better help educate the consumers on what to look for and what it has in comparison or contrast to other models that are similar to this one.

  • The motor for this model is only one speed for wood and or metal materials
  • Rip fence for cuts that are really accurate and straight
  • There is a rack and a pinion table which makes for adjustment to the height or angles really easy to make
  • There is an LED work light to help provide a better view of the product while working on it
  • It has a dust port that is one and a half inches long, this helps keep the work area clear of dust


The benefits that are mentioned below are sort of like the features of this product; they are all good and positive aspects but the benefits are more about this model and what makes it better than other versions. With that being said it is very easy to find and a model that is really popular.

  • The band saw itself is nine inches long and runs off of a motor that is only two and a half amps
  • There is a blade guide to help with adjustments and depth settings
  • This band saw is very versatile with the lamp being a part of the design now as well as the miter gauge


There really is no disadvantage to this model; the only real negative aspect that there is to this band saw is how there is not that much power behind it when it is being used. This can lead to a mess when cutting or when trying to get a lot of work done and what not.

Best Feature of the SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw:

The dust port on this model works very well is rather large to make the job easier and for there to be less of a mess. You can even attach a hose for a vacuum to it in order to keep the debris and dust from the area in which are working at in the first place anyways. This allows you to get what you need to get done faster as well as with more accuracy.

The table is ribbed and made from aluminum and allows you to tilt it from zero degrees to forty-five degrees to help with cuts, adjustments and more.

  • Make the right angle quickly
  • Change the height fast
  • The rack and pinion table is on the band saw for a more convenient adjustment

The Fence:

This part of the machine helps with guiding the pieces through the accurately and straightly so the cuts are straight and not messed up. And when it comes to crosscuts you can use the miter gauge to make that easier as well.

  • The rip fence is meant to provide cuts that are straight
  • Straight cuts is what you will be doing more than anything else
  • Crosscuts are more complicated but still easy to do


In the end this model of the band saw is not that bad; with that being said I would still only suggest it to those who are new to this sort of thing or to someone who would not be using it a lot such as all day every day. However it does come with a limited warranty that is good for three years long when purchased, you just have to register the product once you get it. To properly register this product and still get the warranty, the registration must be done within thirty days from the date of purchase. It is a great product; one customer that gave it a full five star rating said that it is great to use if you have a small space to work with or for something like a hobby. Another customer that gave it a full five star rating said that it is perfect for what they needed which was to make a pinewood cart for something. For just a bit more than one hundred and twenty dollars, it is a good investment to make that is long lasting, well working and completely worth it.

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